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    Why You Need Underground Utility Locating For Solar Panel Installation

    Underground Utility Locating For Solar Panel Installation

    For all excavating and earth-moving projects, it’s important to call before you dig. Arizona underground locators can help you identify the exact location of sewer pipes, natural gas pipes, fiber optics, and any other subterranean infrastructure. Pinpointing these features is key for ensuring that they aren’t damaged or disturbed. It can also prevent serious legal and financial issues. Read on to discover why you need underground utility locating for solar panel installation.

    If you strike a natural gas line during solar installation, you could cause a dangerous explosion. Natural gas leaks pose a threat to everyone in your neighborhood. Working with OnPoint Location LLC, is the best way to keep everyone protected.

    As a homeowner, you are legally required to do your due diligence before excavating. As such, any damages and injuries that are incurred because of your failure to do so must be paid for by you. In Arizona, digging without first identifying utility lines also means facing criminal charges and stiff fines and other fees. It’s always cheaper to make sure that the ground is clear before putting any equipment on top of soil or using digging machinery.

    Solar installations are no longer solely roof mounted. Although ground-mounting is common in both the commercial and agricultural sectors, it’s also being used on residential properties. As more homeowners install solar batters for saving their excess power rather than selling it back to the grid, utility locating is becoming increasingly essential.

    We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to accurately identify the presence of all utility lines. This way, our clients aren’t at risk of damaging important cable, electrical, gas, or plumbing structures. From keeping your sewer lines to protected to ensuring that you aren’t putting yourself and the people who live or work in near you danger, we do it all. To find out more or schedule an appointment, contact OnPoint Locating LLC today!

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