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    Why You Should Always Call Before You Dig In Mesa AZ

    There are endless reasons to always contract out work that involves digging on your property, however, none are more important than the potential to inadvertently strike and damage power and gas lines. The requirement to call before you dig in Mesa AZ is intended to prevent asset loss and protect human lives. Read on to find out more.

    Underground utility locating is a critical step in any project that involves digging. In most areas, it is a legal requirement and Mesa is certainly no exception. Striking gas lines can result in major fires and explosions. The results can include property loss, loss of life, and permanent and disfiguring injuries. Worse still, there is no sure way of measuring the potential impact of individual mistakes. Striking a gas line on your own land can affect your neighbors on all sides.

    Even when physical injuries and property loss aren’t severe, there is still the risk of causing serious harm to equipment that belongs to utility companies. The only way to plan a truly safe digging project and to protect yourself from liability is by working with professional Arizona underground locators. Utility locators an present a clear map of all underground obstructions to avoid.

    Whether you’re digging to install a pool or creating trenches to repair rupture plumbing lines, utility location is always critical. Skipping this step before using shovels, hand diggers, or hired excavation equipment can greatly increase your project costs and result in devastating accidents. The costs of utility location and the extra time that this measure takes are both more than worthwhile.

    This is also true of electricity lines and underground cabling. Despite having a lesser risk of causing physical injuries, these underground obstructions can cost a veritable fortune to replace. To ensure that your next excavating project is both accurate and safe, get in touch with OnPoint Locating, LLC today!

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