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    Consequences Of Failing To Use Utility Line Locating In Mesa Services

    If you’re planning to dig underground, then it’s important to carry out utility line locating in Mesa. While it might be tempting to cut corners and just get on with your project the consequences can be far-reaching. Here is what might happen when you skip over this important phase.

    Loss of utility services

    Simple service cuts might happen when you fail to protect service pipes. This can result in a lot of inconvenience for end consumers. The disruption can affect systems around the area like power outages, internet outages and much more.


    Mishaps in handling underground conduits can lead to catastrophic consequences. This includes legal liabilities. Your company can be fined for failing to locate and mark the pipes.

    Injuries to workers and other people

    Workers and people nearby could get seriously hurt due to unsafe excavations. For example, striking a gas or electric line can cause fire, hurting people and damaging local businesses. Proper rules and procedures should be followed before such excavations are made.

    Equipment damage & Costly repairs

    Usually, the individual who causes damage to any conduits is responsible for fixing it. Repairing damages can be costly and time-consuming. In case of any damages, it might be necessary to dig up the entire conduit pipe to fix it. The financial implications of doing so can be expensive. That’s why it’s always advisable to use private utility locating contractors.

    Project downtime

    In case of any incidents, your project will have to stall until the issue has been dealt with. For example, if there are any fires due to striking a gas pipe, your project will be stopped until the fire has been put out.


    It’s vital to utilize our help to prevent any mishaps. We can help you with power line locating and other services. We have specialized equipment and many years of experience.

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