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    What To Expect From A Professional Leak Locating Service In Mesa AZ

    Mesa, AZ underground locators

    If you’ve noticed higher than normal water bills or signs of moisture around your home, there’s a good chance you have a water leakage. But finding the source can be tricky. This is where hiring a professional leak locating service comes in handy. As homeowner, here’s what you can expect from professional Leak Locating service in Mesa AZ.

    The Initial Consultation

    When you first call us, we’ll ask you some questions to gather details about your water usage history and any signs that may point to a leakage. We’ll also want to know about the layout of your property so we come prepared with the right equipment. This upfront discussion helps us determine the best process for investigating your leaks.

    Slab Leak Detection

    If you have a concrete slab foundation, we’ll use specialized sonde technology to search for leaks underground or within the slab. The sondes capture the acoustic signature of flowing water so we can pinpoint leakage locations with great accuracy, even identifying leaks underneath floors or exterior concrete areas.

    Underground Pipe Surveying

    For buried water lines outside of the home, we’ll use highly sensitive hydrophones to listen for acoustic anomalies for underground leak detection. We can detect leaks in PVC, copper, or other pipes up to 10 feet underground. This method allows us to efficiently inspect long sections of pipe.

    Pinpointing the Source

    Once we’ve identified an area of interest, we’ll precisely locate the leak using a combination of technologies. Correlating data helps us confirm leakage locations down to within inches so any necessary repairs target the exact problem spot.

    Results and Recommendations

    After completing the inspection, we’ll review our findings with you and outline next steps. If a leakage is detected, we’ll provide a detailed report pinpointing its location so repairs can begin right away. With no leaks found, we’ll still carefully analyze your water usage to rule out all possibilities.

    Relieve Water Waste Worries Today

    If higher water bills or moisture issues have you suspecting a leakage, don’t delay the detection any longer. OnPoint Locating’s trained technicians can pinpoint slab leaks and underground water escapes with minimal disruption. Contact us today to schedule your leakage locating service and get peace of mind knowing the source of extra water use. Our specialists are standing by to accurately locate leaks using the latest equipment and techniques.

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